us[erin]fo (stoodandstared) wrote in feelinfinite,

last night we went to see belle & sebastian. and it felt like - if any band ever made me feel infinite, it was them. last night. watching stuart (i think thats his name?) jump around on stage and dance and dance and happy. and his happiness just permeated the room and it made me happy. and opening with "stars of track and field" was more perfect than any opening ever.

but it wasn't only belle & sebastian. i went with a friend of mine who's fallen in love with me, but i have a boyfriend. but last night was really nice. first of all, i was in a good mood on the way there and i laughed alot. when we got out of the car at the show i asked him for a hug and he kept his arm around me when we got inside. then the new pornographers opened (he didn't have his arms around me anymore) and during the second half of their set i started to feel unstable and i could feel my heart beating in my chest. i didn't tell him until after the set and he said i was dehydrated and he bought some coke and sprite and i drank half of each. then we had to go back into the crowd and find a spot because b&s were starting. we couldn't get very far but he found a spot where i could sit up on the ledge and see over everybody's head. and i did, and it was actually pretty uncomfortable, but i didn't care. but for some reason i just got this thought in my head when he helped me onto the ledge that he would do anything for me. i don't know why, it just...kind of came to mind. i don't want to say it hit me because i don't know if its true, but that's what i thought. in the car on the way home i mostly slept and he let me use one of his sweatshirts as a pillow. when we got to my house he gave me a very long hug (all our hugs are usually very long) and i just kind of rested my head on his shoulder and chest, and he stroked my hair and gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me to get some sleep. while i was walking to the door he said my name and i turned around and he was standing by his car and he said "i love you" and i smiled and said, "i love you too" and walked inside.
it wasn't the first time we'd said it to each other or anything, but it made me happy.

my boyfriend was pissed that i was even going with him.
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